Posted by: hangflug | September 14, 2010

Airshow Dittingen

Some shots from my tripod-mounted camera… hear the crowd? 🙂

Posted by: hangflug | August 15, 2010

Sad but true

Like Metallica said long ago, it’s “Sad but true” our holidays are history. The 3 “f”s were great – Friends, Flying and Food!
We have over 12h of HD-film-material and hundreds if not thousands of pictures, and the best of that will be seen on “SlopeMania 2”!

Posted by: hangflug | July 30, 2010

Last day

Already our trips last day, we drove from Norcia/Italy to Miglieglia/Switzerland. Now we’re up on the Monte Lema and hoping for some good thermals to enjoy that day before we drive home this afternoon.

Posted by: hangflug | July 29, 2010

Big Balls

A list of seven things you need big balls for:

1. Fly a Graupner MX22 (a tiny 800mA glass-fuse inside shuts the whole radio down on accident)
2. Fly with a paragliding-helmet just to mount a Contour HD 1080p, even if you look like the most stupid guy on the world with it
3. Catch an all-new Fräulein Rottenmeier on one of the first landings, even if you notice your a dumpass short before the plane almost hits your stomach
4. Drive up to slopes as if your car would be a marse rover even if it’s not (FIAT means Fehler In Allen Teilen, so I suppose they are called MOAP Mistakes On All Parts in english)
5. Camp on a public parking lot even if it’s forbidden just to be the first in the cable cab to the slope (where I’m writing this right now)
6. Paint your plane rose just to be different
7. Do about 100 passes with 2 planes side by side in front of the sunset just to get great pictures

Posted by: hangflug | July 29, 2010

Let’s rock

Yesterday thursday we had the greatest day of the whole week, and thus no photos at all on the iPhone (which is used to manage that blog). But so far there’s almost 50GB of film-data on our Mac Book.

Posted by: hangflug | July 26, 2010

2nd day – 7 maiden flights

Yes, seven (7!) maiden flights by 5 pilots. Stefan Knechtle was very kind to send me his “treasure map” where all the good slopes near Norcia and Visso are marked. On the slope chosen for today, there was written “looking good, drivable??” – and I’d like to add a few question marks to those 2 :). It WAS drivable indeed, but not really in the cars favor I think. The slope though looked astonishing and while there were some very low clouds when we arrived, we had blue skies only a few minutes later. We were flying ’til 8pm.
The 7 maiden were done with: 4 x MiniFish, a VTPR-Glider made from EPP I did for those holidays, a Blanik L213A, a “Spider X” and my new Fräulein Rottenmeier.
During Fräuleins maiden flight I had a helmet with a GoPro HD on it on my head which led to unbelievably good looking pictures. Two of my friends were filming the maiden with 2 bigger Panasonic HD-cams.
What a great day!

Posted by: hangflug | July 25, 2010

First day, tired

Wind at 60kmh, you almost can’t breath! But yes, I was the first to fly after almost 3h of sleeping in a car that’s shakin’ from the storm outside… so the day was quite unusual for me, lying on the slope with good conditions but I needed some sleep.
Weather is perfect, blue skies with some clouds and lots and lots of wind. But now we all really need some bed-time.

Posted by: hangflug | July 25, 2010

Finally there

Ohh yes, after an almost never ending marathon of building planes and a trip of almost 12h of driving, we arrived in Castellucio/Italy. With us it’s Yves Heller, Yves Staub, Marco Grunder (sleeping IN the car) and Flo Seibel (sleeping OUTSIDE in his “Bundeswehr” sleeping bag).
It’s late (half 4 in the morning) so I’m saying “good bye” for now. Subscribe and stay tuned for daily updates!

Posted by: hangflug | July 22, 2010

Now almost finished :)

This time it’s a long way until I’m finished with my 2nd Fräulein Rottenmeier, but everything looks decent now. There’s only today and tomorrow to finish the rest because we’re heading to Italy to fly on saturday.
I’m glad all the soldering is done now, don’t like that too much. So now finding a place for everything and balancing is all that’s left to do.

Posted by: hangflug | July 15, 2010

Fräulein Rottenmeier nearly finished

My new Fräulein Rottenmeier is almost finished. It’s a lighter version than my first one but should anyway hold up to some serious flying. Wing is made from 200g/m2 UMS-carbon + another layer on the inside of the d-box, behind the d-box lies that beautiful and way too expensive 93g/m2 carbon to save some weight.
Fuselage is all glas from the wings leading edge to the front to be able to leave FASSTs antennas inside of it, while rear part is solely carbon. Stiff enough 🙂
The flying elevator is the lightest I’ve ever been able to pull out of the molds, I believe 48g for both made from 68g/m2 carbon, 1mm rohacell and 49g/m2 glass on the inside.
All linkages are made, now all is left is to install the receiver, solder all cables, make the bags and set up the radio. Should be ready for our big slope trip starting end of next week easily.

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