Posted by: hangflug | July 15, 2010

Fräulein Rottenmeier nearly finished

My new Fräulein Rottenmeier is almost finished. It’s a lighter version than my first one but should anyway hold up to some serious flying. Wing is made from 200g/m2 UMS-carbon + another layer on the inside of the d-box, behind the d-box lies that beautiful and way too expensive 93g/m2 carbon to save some weight.
Fuselage is all glas from the wings leading edge to the front to be able to leave FASSTs antennas inside of it, while rear part is solely carbon. Stiff enough 🙂
The flying elevator is the lightest I’ve ever been able to pull out of the molds, I believe 48g for both made from 68g/m2 carbon, 1mm rohacell and 49g/m2 glass on the inside.
All linkages are made, now all is left is to install the receiver, solder all cables, make the bags and set up the radio. Should be ready for our big slope trip starting end of next week easily.


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