Posted by: hangflug | July 26, 2010

2nd day – 7 maiden flights

Yes, seven (7!) maiden flights by 5 pilots. Stefan Knechtle was very kind to send me his “treasure map” where all the good slopes near Norcia and Visso are marked. On the slope chosen for today, there was written “looking good, drivable??” – and I’d like to add a few question marks to those 2 :). It WAS drivable indeed, but not really in the cars favor I think. The slope though looked astonishing and while there were some very low clouds when we arrived, we had blue skies only a few minutes later. We were flying ’til 8pm.
The 7 maiden were done with: 4 x MiniFish, a VTPR-Glider made from EPP I did for those holidays, a Blanik L213A, a “Spider X” and my new Fräulein Rottenmeier.
During Fräuleins maiden flight I had a helmet with a GoPro HD on it on my head which led to unbelievably good looking pictures. Two of my friends were filming the maiden with 2 bigger Panasonic HD-cams.
What a great day!


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