Posted by: hangflug | July 29, 2010

Big Balls

A list of seven things you need big balls for:

1. Fly a Graupner MX22 (a tiny 800mA glass-fuse inside shuts the whole radio down on accident)
2. Fly with a paragliding-helmet just to mount a Contour HD 1080p, even if you look like the most stupid guy on the world with it
3. Catch an all-new Fräulein Rottenmeier on one of the first landings, even if you notice your a dumpass short before the plane almost hits your stomach
4. Drive up to slopes as if your car would be a marse rover even if it’s not (FIAT means Fehler In Allen Teilen, so I suppose they are called MOAP Mistakes On All Parts in english)
5. Camp on a public parking lot even if it’s forbidden just to be the first in the cable cab to the slope (where I’m writing this right now)
6. Paint your plane rose just to be different
7. Do about 100 passes with 2 planes side by side in front of the sunset just to get great pictures


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